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D39-WB (YTW) digital IoT truck scale instrument

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Product description

D39-WB(YTW) Internet of Things digital static truck scale instrument


2. Product features

Instrument power supply AC 110~220V, 50Hz;
Communication distance with sensor: When connecting 12 digital sensors, the bus can be connected to 30 meters
Digital sensor power supply: DC12V/~750mA
Transmission rate: E and K protocols 19200 ps, C protocol 9600 bps;
Number of digital sensor connections: 1~16
Digital sensor communication protocol: Cori C, Cori E or Cori K protocol
circuit protection RFI, EMI, ESD, isolation protection
sensor interface Aviation plug, RS485 method
Large screen interface: 20mA current loop constant current source serial output
Transmission distance <100 meters;
Printer interface: Equipped with a standard parallel printing interface, we recommend ESPON LQ-300K/300K+I, ESPONLQ680/730/1600K, Panasonic KX-P1121+/1131+, Deshi DS300/2600 wide-line printer; external POS58 machine Weihuang WH-T2AR10-00ABPB.
Ethernet interface: 10/100Mbps
show: 7inch800*480 TFT color display
button: Resistive touch screen
Data storage: 1,000 sets of vehicle number tare weights, 3,500 sets of latest weighing records, and 300 sets of latest incomplete weighing records.
Operating temperature -10C~40C
weight: 2.8Kg
IoT communication method Wired network with Rj45 interface


3. Product functions
7inch800*480 TFT color display
The touch operation has high accuracy and fast response speed, and does not require an external keyboard for auxiliary operation; it supports Ethernet interface, RS232, RS485, parallel printing interface and large screen interface; a variety of digital scale adjustment interfaces enable the digital advantages of the truck scale to be obtained Better performance; instrument abnormality prompt information is clear, and there are troubleshooting instructions; it supports English touch full keyboard input, making it easier to edit numbers and text; a variety of scale platform status analysis interfaces make it easier to eliminate installation risks and check problems Convenient; supports C-type, E-type and K-type multiple protocol sensors. All external devices are electrically isolated from the sensor, and the sensor is not affected by leakage from external devices.
Typesetting function with padded printing points
It has Internet of Things measurement protection functions such as electronic sealing, shell opening detection, sensor and instrument binding, and remote verification of measurement-related parameters.
It has the functions of remotely viewing and setting PC communication parameters, storing printing parameters and other Internet of Things application functions. Only the Ethernet communication parameters can be viewed
The Ethernet interface supports both the original Ethernet communication protocol and the IoT communication protocol


4. Product size