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Chinese electronic truck scale

Chinese electronic truck scale

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Ground type electronic truck scale

The U-shaped beam used in the SCS series electronic truck scale platform is welded into a box-type structure by plates and profiles. Its overall stiffness, torsional performance, and local compressive stiffness of the table have been greatly improved. A reasonable weighing platform design has the characteristics of modularity, standardization, serialization, and building blocks. A fully electronic modular truck scale designed using high-precision sensors and special instrumentation for truck scales. It not only has high accuracy, prevents cheating and requires no calibration, but also has real-time fault self-diagnosis function and anti-interference capability. Among them, digital load cells adopt digital technology and can automatically digitally compensate for temperature coefficients, nonlinearity, hysteresis, creep, etc.; they are easy to operate, rich in functions, and have strong storage functions. The entire truck scale system has strong environmental adaptability, superior measurement performance, high accuracy, good long-term stability, and is easy to install, debug, and maintain. It is widely used in metallurgy, mining, machinery, chemical industry, ports, highway cargo stations and other industries. It is an ideal weighing and measuring equipment for all types of trucks.

Electronic truck scales are mainly composed of parts such as scale platforms, load cells, connectors, limit devices, weighing display instruments, cables and junction boxes. They can also be equipped with optional printers, computers, large-screen displays, regulated power supplies and power supplies. surge and other external devices to form a complete system.

Main structural and functional features of truck scale:

●Modular, serialized weighing platform, multi-unit combination

●Dynamic, underload and overload status indications

●Digital sensor, strong waterproof and anti-corrosion capability

●Users can customize project names and accumulate items by items.

●Digital signal source distance transmission

●Automatic fault diagnosis function

●Automatic compensation for temperature, linearity, creep, and hysteresis

●Automatic zero tracking, automatic peeling, automatic skin cleaning

●Digital display of gross weight, net weight and tare weight

●Can be connected to computers and large screens to realize networking functions

●Self-diagnosis, clock and data power-off protection

●Visual prompts, friendly interface, Chinese character keyboard operation

●A parallel port: can be connected to a printer