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Merchant platform unattended system

Electronic truck scale unattended system

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Electronic truck scale unattended system

The unattended truck scale system includes 7 parts: vehicle number recognition system, truck scale weighing system, voice prompt system, image capture intelligent recovery system, infrared anti-cheating system, system management system and industrial computer system.

The unattended intelligent electronic truck scale is based on weighing technology, computer, microelectronics, and network technology. It has automatic access management of vehicles, automatic weighing data judgment collection, data sharing, remote transmission, and can prevent cheating, etc. , realizing unattended intelligent management, is a new generation of high-tech products adapted to the development of today's society. Truck scale unattended fully automatic weighing systems are widely used in steel, coal mines, chemicals, garbage plants, thermal power plants and other industries.

Each scale of this automatic weighing system is equipped with two sets of infrared detectors, an automatic identification tag reader, two signal lights and two cameras. The automatic identification tag reader is placed at an appropriate position on the scale platform. Before the vehicle is put on the scale, the signal light is green. , when the reader senses the tag in the vehicle, the signal light is red and other vehicles are prohibited from driving. The vehicle passes through the infrared detector. If the vehicle is not completely on the scale, the infrared detector will automatically sense it and the system will not allow weighing. The voice will It prompts the vehicle "Hello driver, please drive to the middle of the scale platform". When there are no problems, the tag reader automatically identifies the vehicle's identity. At this time, the computer management system calls up the vehicle number and related preset information (such as : license plate number, tare weight, material source, etc.), the weighing instrument measures the weight of the vehicle, if the tare weight of the vehicle exceeds the tare warning value (freely set according to the company's circumstances) and the previous weight error, the voice speaker It will automatically prompt "the vehicle is out of tolerance and cannot be weighed, please contact the scale operator". If there are no problems, the camera will capture two sets of pictures at the same time and pass them to the computer system. The system will automatically store the weighing results in the database, and the printer will The document is printed out, all processes in the system are completed, the signal light turns green, and the vehicle weight information is displayed on the large screen with Chinese characters. A voice prompts the driver to get off the scale, and the vehicle can drive away from the scale platform at this time.