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Column digital sensor

Column digital sensor

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Column digital sensor

cantilever sensor

1. Functional features

● Structure: Pressed column type, automatic reset and alignment, strong overload performance, stainless steel shell.

●Digital signal output, capable of long-distance transmission, with a transmission distance of up to 1000m

●Digital compensation technology and performance are better than analog sensors

● No special tools required, easy installation and maintenance

● Self-diagnosis function for quick troubleshooting

● Unbalanced load adjustment: ensuring excellent metering performance

● Stainless steel welding seal, IP69K, waterproof, dustproof and moisture-proof, suitable for harsh industrial environments

2. Digital sensor technical indicators:

a. Features

The sensor adopts a digital sensor, which automatically digitally compensates for temperature coefficient, nonlinearity, hysteresis and creep. It adopts dual compensation of zero point and sensitivity temperature to ensure high accuracy in the temperature range of -40℃ ~ +70℃. and extremely interchangeable. The sensor has good automatic recovery torque, guarantees force in the vertical direction under any circumstances, has high stability and repeatability, can stabilize the scale platform in the shortest time, has good impact resistance and lateral force performance, is easy to install and debug, and does not require Tighten with constant torque. The sensor is waterproof, moisture-proof, corrosion-proof, lightning-proof and anti-interference. A protective sleeve against mineral sand intrusion is added between the sensor and the base to adapt to harsh working environments. The sensor should be equipped with a microprocessor and have self-diagnosis function for easy maintenance. The sensor output signal is a digital signal. The main technical parameters are as follows:

b. Product usage and composition

This product is mainly used in various electronic weighing equipment such as truck scales, rail scales, and tank scales.

c. Main technical indicators

serial number project Parameters
1 Rated load 10t、20t、30t、40t、50t、60t
2 Accuracy Class OIML R60 C3
3 Creep ±0.0167%F.S/30min
5 Nonlinear ±0.0167%F.S
6 Hysteresis ±0.0167%F.S
7 Repeatability ±0.01%F.S
8 Temp.effect on output ±0.01%F.S/10℃
9 Temp.effect on zero ±0.01%F.S/10℃
10 Compensated temp.range -10℃~+40℃
11 Use temp.range -40℃~+70℃
12 Excitation voltage 7~15V DC
13 Communication BPS 9600/19200
14 Communication Mode RS 485
15 Safe load limit 200%
16 Lateral load limit 300%
17 Lightning protection 80000A
18 Protection class IP68/IP69K
19 Construction Alloy Steel+Stainless housing
100% 100% made by stainless Steel
20 Wiring Code (VIN):Blue   -(GND) :Black
+(485-A): White  -(485-B): Red    


model H H1 H2 H3 C1 C2 C3 C4 C5
DFZD 200 150 140 12 83.5 64 43.8 M8 99
model Product Image Wire diagram wire
length quantity Applicable range
DFZD   fixed conductor 12m N 20t
16m N 30t、40t、

d. This sensor has good lightning surge protection performance.

e. Technical parameters

① Basic parameters:

★ Sensor type: pressure column type, stainless steel shell, welded seal

Accuracy level: OIML C3 level.

★ The load cell uses an intelligent AD module to achieve digital output;

★ Automatically compensate for non-linear, temperature performance and other parameters of the load cell;

★ The electronic components of the digital sensor are installed in the sensor shielding body, which can withstand electronic interference, radio frequency interference, etc., and can work in high interference areas;

★The manufacturing characteristics of force value transmission eliminate the need for calibration after replacing the sensor.

②Digital communication technology

★ Adopts RS485 bus technology to realize long-distance transmission of signals, up to 1000 meters;

★ The output digital signal has large amplitude and strong anti-interference ability;

★ The bus structure facilitates the application of multiple load cells, and up to 24 load cells can be connected to the same system.

③ Tumbler structure

★ Adopting a double rocking column structure, it has good resistance to lateral force and impact force, and strong overload resistance;

★ Improve automatic centering and self-resetting capabilities;

★ On-site installation is convenient and quick;

④ Protection technology

★Sealing method: laser welding sealing, protection level reaches IP68/69K level, etc.

★ The sensor has a lightning protection system and has pre-diagnosis and overload detection functions.

⑤ Intelligent technology

★ Prevent cheating by using simple circuits to change the weighing signal and size;

★ The sensor characteristic parameters can be changed according to instructions.

★Digital calibration technology allows the calibration of the instrument's eccentric load (four corners) to be automatically completed in one go; the instrument's range calibration can be completed in one go.

★ The measuring range coefficient and zero point value of the weighing instrument, the coefficient and zero point parameter of each sensor can be modified as needed.

★ Eliminates calibration problems after replacing the sensor.

⑥ Fault diagnosis technology

★ Ability to diagnose changes in the zero point value of the weighing instrument;

★ Ability to diagnose changes in zero point value of each sensor;

★ Ability to diagnose communication changes of each sensor;

★ It has the ability to determine if the address and number do not match after replacing the sensor;

★ Ability to prompt various operation error messages